[Processing] Processing for Android

最近在研究 Processing 如何將 Processing 的程式放到 Android 上面去跑。真的很簡單!

  1. 在電腦上,安裝 Android SDK。(Android SDK 連結)
  2. 在Processing上,從右上角增加Android Mode。(Processing for Android 安裝說明)
  3. 重新啟動Processing,將右上角的模式切換到 Android Mode。將程式執行在 Android Emulator中!


“Note that this code is incomplete and contains bugs. It should be considered “beta” quality. Do not use this code while operating heavy equipment. Do not rely on this code for thesis or diploma work, as you will not graduate. Do not use this code if you’re prone to whining about incomplete software that you download for free.”

這個意思是說,用這種方式開發出來的程式,很容易有Bug,最好不要放到 Android Market 裡面嗎?

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